Spa at La Mamounia · Face and body treatments in Marrakesh

Reconcile body and mind

La Mamounia’s Spa welcomes you to one of its 10 booths, where you can try more than 80 exceptional treatments to reconcile body with mind in a toned-down, luxurious atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

The massages

Facial treatments

Release all your tension in the expert hands of our therapists and feel as if transported to an exquisite place of relaxation where beauty rhymes with pleasure. In-depth moisturisation; radiant complexion; anti-ageing and repairing or purifying and balancing skincare: the Spa at La Mamounia offers a wide range of facial treatments with the Valmont cellular cosmetics line, Augustinus Bader and marocMaroc, imbued with luxurious, captivating scents. In the expert hands of our specialists, the skin recovers an incredible glow, the features relaxed, while the mind embarks on a multi-sensorial voyage.

Body treatments

From time immemorial, Moroccan women have cultivated the art of caring for their bodies. They excel in ancestral treatments reputed for their curative, nourishing, hydrating and relaxing properties. La Mamounia’s Spa revisits this ancestral know-how with a modern approach and targeted, expert techniques.

Body wraps, exfoliation and massages contain powerful natural ingredients that help the skin to become soft and supple once more. Exfoliating almond powder, nourishing argan oil, invigorating orange blossom and rose water – the generous perfumes of these natural treatments will captivate you, beautify the body and calm the mind.

The treatments

Facial treatments


For more than 30 years, Valmont has been helping women and
men master the visible signs of time.
Heir to the Swiss medical tradition, Valmont draws on the
natural resources of its native land and the latest advances in
cellular cosmetics to develop effective anti-ageing treatments
with visible and sustainable effectiveness.


The brand marocMaroc cultivates the beautiful, the poetic. It derives its wealth from these priceless heritages that are nature and the transmission of ancestral traditions. A bold creation for these facials combining pleasure and sensoriality.


Inspired by over three decades of science and innovation,
Augustinus Bader’s award-winning approach to professional
skincare is rooted in groundbreaking stem cell research and
trusted by the world’s most discerning experts. Professor
Bader’s clean, efficient formulas are powered by TFC8®, a
proprietary cellular renewing technology clinically proven to
help support the body’s natural regenerative processes, for a
fresh, healthy glow from the inside out.

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