L’Œnothèque in Marrakesh · La Mamounia

An intimate culinary experience

Enjoy an intensely pleasurable moment in our wine bar located at the lower floor of the hotel. This exceptional place celebrates hedonism and the art of living. Designed to accommodate 12 guests, L’Œnothèque offers a tailored gastronomic experience. Take your pick from tasting menus proposed by our Chef, accompanied by a selection of grand cru wines.

The setting is both intimate and convivial, and the wine bar can be converted into a private dining room where careful attention is paid to every detail. Handmade dinnerware, artisanal glassware, and a sommelier at your disposal – this extraordinary dinner is a fabulous encounter where food and wine combinations range from surprising to outstanding.

The Wine Cellar at la mamounia 

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“ A stay at La Mamounia remains the finest of stays in Marrakesh. ”